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RR No. 4

5 SEP 2022

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Our fourth and biggest issue yet! RR No. 4 contains the most original fiction, poetry, and artwork we’ve ever included: tales of rebellion, rage, and struggle reflect yet another collection of environmental, social, and political catastrophes that has occurred since our last issue. 
The struggle continues,
as do we.

As always, RR No. 4 was aggregated without a specific theme or narrative in mind; however, each works conveys an aspect of solidarity worth clinging to in these times of endless turbulence: family traditions and lore, understanding and forgiveness;the machinations of capitalism, and a return to core desires of connection and creation. Our helplessness is sometimes only matched by the undying desire to create and to share, and while Rabble Review is still in its infancy, the diverse breadth of contributors it draws has revealed that desire in all its bloody, wholesome, destructive, and hopeful forms.