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This is a quarterly, digital, mobile-first periodical launched in 2021.

Unapologetically leftist in politics, we recognize the complete abolition of capitalism, coerced labor, and the State as absolute pre-conditions for human and artistic liberation.

We want to capture the working class in its full spectrum, that is, we’re committed to solidarity among workers of all races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and their intersections. By spreading accessible leftist thought, encouraging direct action, and providing a space for revolutionary aesthetics to develop we hope to do our part in the radicalization and ultimate liberation of the working class.


We publish cool fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, hybrid forms, essays, criticism, and visual art. We love unexpected connections and juxtapositions that reveal, reflect, or surprise. Bold and interesting narratives. Poetry that makes use of the auditory, visual, and semantic dimensions of language. Concise and stark images that speak for themselves. We love art that ebbs and flows between fact and fiction, the real and surreal, between genres and mediums.

We like work that captures the experience of the working class, and dares to look ahead. We want to recognize our struggles — but also our joys; we want to hear about your shitty manager, but also about the feeling you get when you clock out, about the way the sunset looks on certain days, about an evening spent with friends, or about nothing all.

Though we embrace the political, your work doesn’t have to be. We want art in which we see ourselves, for a change; instead of safe and sterile representations in mainstream bourgeois media.

We meet our readers where they are:

︎︎︎ inside their pockets

︎︎︎ behind a screen

︎︎︎ in between moments

Inspired by the technology that mediates both our online and IRL time, RABBLE REVIEW fits in the same space as your social media feed – stealing time from your employer at work, standing in line at the store, or after putting on your seatbelt.

Want to join us? Find our submission page ︎︎︎ here.