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We are currently considering works for RABBLE REVIEW No. 7

Scroll down to read our guidelines, or >click here< if you already know the drill to skip to the submission form.


As a leftist platform, we’re interested in works that examine critically the capitalist societies we live in, or explore visions of
post-capitalist possibility. 

We are open to most subject-matters, however, we’d like to see works of poetry, fiction, non fiction, essays, and visual arts that address or relate in some way to the themes above.


Though we accept submissions from anyone, our primary aim is to elevate voices from queer, BIPOC, working-class & all other underserved groups of peopleso we highly encourage submissions from these communities.

Contributors retain all rights to their work during and after publication in RABBLE REVIEW. We also accept previously published works. It is the responsibility of the contributor to ensure rights to a previously submitted work have reverted.

Please see additional guidelines below for each submission category.


  • Should be high-res, 300 dpi minimum, sized at least 203 millimetres (8 inches) on the longer side
  • Must be in .jpg or .png format
  • Include a short artist bio, max 200 words, .docx or .pages
  • Artist comment about a submitted artwork is optional, but may be appended if it will help our understanding of the piece. These comments may be included in publication, space permitting.


  • Maximum 2000 words
  • File must be .docx or .pages
  • Include an author bio, maximum 200 words, .docx or .pages


  • We accept submissions of cultural criticism or creative non-fiction that engage critically with capitalism and/or post-capitalist possibility.
  • Maximum 2000 words
  • File must be .docx or .pages
  • Include an author bio, maximum 200 words, .docx or .pages
  • Essays should cite sources where needed (MLA or Chicago)


  • Maximum 750 words
  • File must be .docx or .pages
  • Include an author bio, maximum 200 words, .docx or .pages
  • Non-traditional work is encouraged, but consider how the work might appear on a smartphone screen
  • If you intend to submit something outside these guidelines, please contact us and we can try to work it out

Thank you for entrusting us with your work. We will do our best to do it justice.

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